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Ultra-Sonic Fog For Transitioning of Delicate Species

Some tissue culture plants are more difficult to transition than others. Plants that have been imported and spent a week in shipping boxes are at a particular disadvantage. Unrooted plantlets also need extra care. Finally, some species are simply more difficult to get through the transitioning process.
For these types of plants, Tissue-Grown has designed an ultrasonic fog transitioning tent combining the benefits of true cloud fog, finely controlled temperature and variable shade.
The fog tent provides both moisture and humidity to the plantlets during the transitioning period. While it has long been recognized that true cold fog is excellent for plant propagation, there are few sources of commercial scale fogging systems that do not rely on high pressure plumbing and fine nozzle apertures. Tissue-Grown uses high output ultrasonic nozzles to deliver an ultra fine cloud of fog throughout the transitioning tent. The fog is moved throughout the tent by a few small fans. There is no need for high pressure, plumbing or complicated nozzle maintenance and the entire set up is low cost, low maintenance and high reliability. The unit is electrically controlled by a simple pin timer so the fog can be turned off at night and staged during the day. Each tent is 300 square feet and can hold up to 30,000 plantlets in transition.

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The transitioning tent is also climate controlled by the use of warm water bottom heat via a system purchased from True-leaf Technologies. This system is also highly efficient, easy to install and low maintenance. The even control of bottom temperatures also serves to buffer the air temperature in the tent, as well as reduce condensation and maintain fog quality throughout the tent profile.
The tent is shaded by 37% white greenhouse woven shadecloth over a clear polyethylene base. The white netting is easy to cut into desired lengths, and can be rolled up to allow more light on sections of older plants. It lets more diffuse light through than the darker shadecloth, while still keeping heat out.
Use of a transitioning tent is particularly recommended for growers of sensitive crops who do not need more than a thousand square feet of transitioning space. Also, these tents are quite adaptable to pre-existing structures and basically require only simple greenhouse components, such as water and electrical sources.
The difference a true fog tent can make in the successful transitioning of unrooted or delicate tissue cultured plantlets is dramatic. The system rapidly pays for itself in improved plantlet survival percentages and increased growth rates.
Tissue-Grown will be happy to consult with growers interested in setting up a commercial transitioning fog tent on their property.