Tissue-Grown Location
One of Tissue-Grown Corporation's Germplasm Rooms
Tissue-Grown will initiate, disease test, and maintain client's proprietary lines in tissue culture. We routinely ship internationally and have well established relationships with local agencies for Phytosanitary Certificates, NAFTA documents and Commercial Invoices. We use a high volume plant import and export broker at LAX to expedite shipments in the most efficient manner. In most cases, we are able to get a shipment from Tissue-Grown Corp. to LAX to the customer's import agent in 24 hours.

We offer a complete line of disease testing management, using the services of Agdia, Texas A&M and the California Dept. of Food and Agriculture to ensure that the plant materials are up to international quality standards. Our process ensures high variety purity, as each line is derived from a single bud, which is annually renewed, and every line is maintained in its own rack.