Emerging Technologies

New Variety Development
Tissue-Grown Corporation is constantly researching new variety development techniques and is conducting extensive research into proprietary technologies for the generation of novel varieties of potato. We believe this technology will ultimately impact many other vegetative propagated species. The company has received research support from government agencies and industry leaders since 1999.

Grafted Transplants
We are also establishing a new product line of grafted horticultural transplants, focusing on disease resistant rootstocks for woody ornamentals and trees.

Research Funding
Tissue-Grown research has been funded in part by Small Business Innovation Research grants from the National Science Foundation and the United States Department of Agriculture.

Commercialization Partners
Tissue-Grown Corp. is open to contract for research work and has many years of experience completing projects and providing consultation. In addition, Tissue-Grown’s modern facility offers all the technical options required to provide quality assurance and contamination prevention.

Advances in Research Methods for Commercial Micropropagation Systems
Experimental design and analysis programs have become increasingly accessible to the tissue culture researcher and can help create multifactorial experimental designs which allow evaluation of many interacting factors in a relatively short time frame simultaneously.

Regression Analysis
Tissue-Grown Corp. offers a regression analysis tool to determine the ideal rate of input given three sets of input output. Use The Regression Analysis Tool.