Facility Description

Tissue-Grown Corporation operates a 9,300 square foot laboratory designed around 3 primary tissue culture production subdivisions, originally constructed in 1984 as Twyford Plant Laboratories, in Santa Paula, California. The entire laboratory space and its equipment are now operating as Tissue-Grown, Corporation.

The conventional micropropagation and the photoautotrophic miniplug production divisions each have 2400 sq.ft. of transfer hoods and large climate-controlled rooms with rolling culture shelves. Each culture room can hold over 1 million plantlets at any point in time. Prior to Tissue-Grown Corp., this laboratory operated for many years at an actual annual production level of 15 million plants and employed a total of 80 people.

The biofermentation production area, known as the PPR Laboratory, operates in collaboration with Fides-Oro using technology from the Agribio Group. This unit has the capacity to produce 100,000 plantlets per week and has already been operating at over 500,000 plantlets per year for several years.

In addition, the laboratory encompasses 3000 sq.ft. of media preparation, dishwashing, autoclaving and storage areas.

The site also includes refrigerated coolers, research and propagation greenhouses and warehouse space. It is the home of Fides-Oro, a Dutch flower breeding and vegetative propagation company (www.fides.nl) owned by the Agribio Group.

There are several research areas for designated projects in photoautotrophy, with controlled CO2 rooms, innovative lighting research for photomorphogenesis effects, and chopper-lighting (www.chopperlight.de) for light color control and energy savings.